Pescalis fishing centre

Pesclais fishing

Pescalis nature reserve and fishing lakes

Pescalis is a fishing paradise, whatever your skill level.
Combining a 150 hectare nature reserve with international standard fishing, it is the only attraction of its kind in Europe.

There are 100 hectares of lakes to choose from, and you can fish for pike, perch, black-bass and trout as well as carp, roach, rudd, sturgeon, bream, tench and salmon. Fly fish, spin with lures, try for specimen fish or catch whatever swims your way! There is also night-fishing and regular competitions.

If you’re a novice angler you can get on the spot tuition to help you improve your technique – and catch.

Pescalis follows a ‘no kill’ policy which means that all fish, whatever the size or species, are put back once caught – your memento of a catch is a photograph, not a dead fish! This also means that it is possible to catch some good-sized specimens such as carp of up to 18kg and sturgeon of up to 11kg. Pescalis lures are also designed to minimise the distress caused to fish.

The lakes are well – maintained to ensure excellent water quality at all times. No chemicals are used, instead a series of wetlands and buffer pools have been put into practice. As well, a lot of work has gone into creating habitats that allow the fish to thrive and reproduce, with special breeding areas.

And to ensure a mature and natural feel to the environment, a variety of fishing areas have been created, including those made from blocks of granite, scree, even submerged trees.

Pescalis also has a well-stocked fishing shop which is open every day from the end of March to the beginning of November.

Come for one day or a few – there is a range of accommodation from holiday villages to hotels, gites and a campsite (see accommodation), as well as three restaurants.

Fishing enthusiastes can use their own equipment or take advantage of the ‘Pack Peche’ (coarse fishing pack) which gives you all you need for a few hours of pleasurable fishing on your own, with family or friends. If you’re looking to relive those childhood memories of afternoons spent with a rod in hand, then this is definitely the way to do it.

And if you’re already experienced, there is plenty of variety to test your skill.

* There are plenty of non-fishy things to do at Pescalis so if you want to fish and the rest of your family prefer to do something else, they have plenty to choose from. Find out more….


Opening times vary – check them out here.


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Pack peche: €40 (family) and €10 (per person).
See the full fishing price list